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Greenville - Wyche Pavillion / the Historic Greenville Coach Factory Tee

Built in 1904 by J.E. Sirrine, the paint shop for the Greenville Coach Factory was erected along the Reedy River in the heart of the industrial district.  In the years to follow when carriages and wagons gave way to automobiles, the Coach Factory eventually closed.  The building was next used in 1925 as the first Duke's Mayonnaise factory. 


Today the charming and historic Wyche Pavillion still reflects onto the Reedy River as we reflect on it's beauty and heritage.  It is a gorgeous venue for weddings, festivals and special events.   

  • Soft, vintage t-shirt look
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Cotton / poly blend minimizes shrinkage
  • Unisex Sizing

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